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Residential care

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Aged Residential Care Facilities

# Since 2020, copies of any reports received or held by the DHB that were completed in relation to OPCAT (the United Nations Optional Protocol to the Convention Against Torture) inspections of secure aged care facilities, and copies of any response to these reports.


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Residential care access

  • How persons (under 50 yrs) apply for residential care, on the basis of early dementia diagnosis.
  • How persons (under 50yrs) apply for residential supported living type community homes.
  • Info about contracted providers of residential care and supported living homes, incl NGOs.


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Aged Residential Care

  • Does DHB have goals, targets, or objectives for current or future admissions to ARC? Targets could be expressed in terms of absolute numbers, annual percentage changes or changes in age-specific ARC utilisation rates. If yes, please supply docs or links to webpages and docs.
  • Has DHB analysed cost of providing home support to older people with high or complex needs compared to cost of funding them in ARC? If yes, please provide copy of report or details of the report.


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Complaints about aged care rest homes

Copies of complaints received by the DHB since January 2019 about Aged Care rest homes and residential care.


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