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Vulnerable Persons Register

Vulnerable Persons Register - CASA states that certain managers of each DHB hold the list as well as themselves, and the relevant services have access to this database.


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Mental Health Patients: AWOL, suicide, adverse events

How many patients detained under the Mental Health Act: AWOL, suicide, disappeared, suffered an adverse event etc.


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Suicide in Canterbury since May 2018

Suicide clusters and spikes since May 2018


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HQSC suicide data 2016-2017 subgroup patients aged 15-24 at time of death

HQSC data released indicating that Canterbury DHB had 26 suspected suicides for the 2016/2017 year.


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Presentations at ED for attempted suicide or suicidal thoughts

Number of people who presented at ED with attempted suicide or suicidal thoughts who were referred for a follow up from SMHS.


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Draft Suicide Prevention Action Plan

The Canterbury DHB Draft Suicide Prevention Action Plan.


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Records of all suicides, attempted suicides, suspected suicides and deaths while in State Care

Records of all suicides, attempts at suicide, suspected suicides, deaths and self-harm while in state care both in general...


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