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COVID-19 vaccination appointments missed in 2021

The number of scheduled COVID-19 vaccination appointments that were missed by people for each month to date in 2021.



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Diabetic Retinal Screening

Percentage coverage for diabetic retinal screening (i.e. the proportion of people with diabetes who have had a retinal screen within the last two years, or other reporting period)?


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Diabetes services

For 2020, re Diabetes Services:

  • The number of screens for diabetic retinopathy purchased, the number of screens delivered, and the DNA rate.
  • How many diabetic retinopathy screening episodes were delivered during lockdown, and how long any disruption lasted (i.e. when did screening return to ‘normal’).
  • On January 1 2021, how many new referrals were on the wait list for their first screening visit, the average time spent on this wait list, and the longest individual time spent waiting.
  • On January 1 2021, how many existing patients were overdue for their follow up screening appointment, the average overdue time, and the longest individual time overdue.


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Cost of did not attend (DNA) appointments

Re OIA response CDHB 10524

  • Is the cost of DNAs calculated across services, and is this reported to the Board? I presume that the DNA Rate as a percentage is the rate of patients in that service that DNA e.g. S75 Vascular Surgery DNA Volume = 274, but DNA Rate = 7.3%.
  • Please confirm if my understanding is correct. If I am, the figures are indeed interesting - e.g. nearly 2,000 DNA's for ENT at a rate of 8.4%. I would have thought that if you had an ENT issue that you would want that addressed.



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Outpatients who did not attend an appointment 2016-2021

For the past five financial years, from 30 June 2020 back to 30 June 2016.

  • What information does the CDHB hold regarding patients who do not arrive for their appointments at the Outpatients Clinic?
  • Are you able to provide details of the number of patients across the different services provided at the Clinic?
  • Is this information costed at all?


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