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Recruitment of chief executive and management team

Communications regarding the recruitment of new CEO and six other vacant executive management positions.


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Nursing staff resignations, maternity leave, and recruitment

In the past six months how many nursing staff have resigned or gone on maternity leave? Of those, how many have been replaced?


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Employment Relations Authority (ERA) hearings

  • In the past two years to date how many Employment Relations Authority (ERA) hearings has the CDHB lost?
  • How much money has the DHB paid to former staff members who have laid personal grievance claims against the DHB?
  • How many cases has Chris Jury been involved in where the DHB has lost following an ERA hearing?


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COVID-19 impact on staff recruitment

COVID-19 border control impact on DHB clinical workforce recruitment.


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Maternity staffing issues and complaints

Information about Maternity services staffing in Canterbury.


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Policies and procedures related to hiring Maori staff for all public health units

Policies and procedures related to hiring Maori staff for all public health units. Quota for Maori staff etc


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Amount spent on recruiting staff and staff salaries

Amount spent on recruiting staff in 2018 compared to previous years. Occupations. Total salary spend for each occupation.


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