Quality Awards: People’s Choice Poster Award 2018 entries

All Canterbury Health System staff were able to vote for the poster entry they thought should win the People’s Choice Poster Award as part of this year’s Quality Improvement and Innovation Awards to recognise, reward and publicly acknowledge excellence in quality improvements and innovations.

Voting closed on Sunday 11 November 2018.

The submissions are assessed on how well they meet specific criteria; identifying the need and following the PDSA (Plan, Do, Study, Act) process for making improvements.

Awards will be presented at the Canterbury Health System Quality Improvement and Innovation Awards Showcase on Thursday 6 December 2018.

2018 Poster entries

There are 48 posters in the competition. They are listed in order but please note that numbers 26, 33 and 39 are no longer participating and are deliberately not presented here. 

View the posters below. View the 48 poster entries in Issuu if you are using Internet Explorer 11 or if you cannot see the posters below.


Poster Name



Rehabilitation in the Community

​Older Person’s Health and the South Island Alliance


Factors Assoc. with Non-Attendance to Pulmonary

​CCN Integrated Respiratory Service


Better Breathing Pulmonary Rehabilitation Programme

​​CCN Integrated Respiratory Service


A Homebased Approach to Better Breathing in Canterbury

​​CCN Integrated Respiratory Service


Collaborative Care Project

​Women's and Children's Division, Paediatric Department


CPAP Model of Care Community Services

​Department of Respiratory Medicine. Med/Surg


The Fresh Air Project

​Community and Public Health


​The ‘Time Out' Process in Cardiac Cathertisation

​Cardiology Medical Surgical Division


​Physiotherapy Management in a Group Setting

​Women's Health Physiotherapy


​Customised Variant Testing

​Hospital Support and Laboratories/Canterbury Health Laboratories/Genetics


​Motivating Conversations

​Population Health and Access Service Level of Alliance, Canterbury Clinical Network


​Keeping Cool

​CDHB Clinical Engineering


​Integration Begets Innovation



​We're Not Using Carrier Pigeons Anymore – Radiation Therapy Booking Forms

​Radiation Oncology Service


​Grey Matters Implementing SRT

​​Radiation Oncology Service


Bronchoscopy emergencies training

​Respiratory Service


​The (COMP) Multidisciplinary Meeting

​Oncology Service


​Valuing the Patient's Time

​​Oncology Service


​Where Are My Pumps

​Medical Physics & Bioengineering, Clinical Engineering Emergency Department



​Community and Public Health



​Department of General Surgery


New Process Management

​Older Persons Health and Rehabilitation


​Reducing the Triple Whammy

​Clinical Quality and Education Team



​Specialist Mental Health Service, Totara House


​Avoidance of Unnecessary (IV)

​Canterbury DHB Antimicrobial Stewardship Committee


Ketogenic Diet Therapy Specific Blood Forms

​Canterbury Health Laboratories & Canterbury DHB Ketogenic Diet Therapy Service


Dream Team

​Ward 26 – Oncology


​Streamlining the Vascular Ward Round

​Ward 10, Vascular Surgery Department


​Excellence in Palliative Care

​Hospice Palliative Care Service


​Focus on Eyes

​Medical Surgical Division/Ophthalmology Service


​Falls Prevention

​Corporate Quality & Patient Safety


​Achieving CEMARS Certification

​Maintenance and Engineering/Community and Public Health



​Te Whare Manaaki, Forensic Service, Hillmorton Hospital



​Policy Team


​Darn the Alarm, Infusion Confusion

​Emergency Department Nurse Education / Medical Physics & Bioengineering


It's Radiation Therapy But Not How You Know It

​Radiation Oncology Service


​Trauma Team Training Under Safe Pressure

​Emergency Department


​Burwood Bedside Board Journey

​Burwood Hospital


​Amitriptyline Prescribing Practice

​Plastic Surgery


Positively Adapting to the Changed Reality

​Planning and Funding, Mental Health, RCPHO, KK Health


​Establishment of a Gold Fracture Liaison Serv

​Fracture Liaison Service – OPH/Orthopaedic's


​Radiology One Stop Shop for MRI GA

​Radiology Christchurch


​Healthy Greater Christchurch

​Community and Public Health


​Gerontology Acceleration Programme

​Nursing Work Force Development



​Community and Public Health


​Engaging the Community in Local Alcohol Licence

​Community and Public Health


​Streamlining Intravenous Antibiotics (IV) Delivery Services

​Infectious Diseases Department


​Complementary Therapy

​South Island Bone Marrow Transplant Unit Haematology Services

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