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Information and services for CDHB staff

Quick access to:

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Canterbury DHB staff can access many internal resources from this page, see the information below for more advice about accessing staff services. 

Canterbury DHB staff can access email from outside of the CDHB computer network at

Note: Email is protected by two factor authentication, to log into your email you will need:

  1. Your CDHB username
  2. Your password
  3. A MobilePASS or a Citrix Token (note: a mobilepass/token number does not need to be entered if logging in from a 'trusted' computer network)

Read the following guides about setting up and accessing email

External access to CDHB staff email (500KB, PDF) Updated 17 April 2020

Setup or Modify CDHB Mail Account on Android or iPhone (300KB, PDF)

For more information contact ISG Service Desk

Phone: 03 364 0999
Website Portal: iSupport Service Desk Portal

If you are a staff member and have an enquiry related to employment at Canterbury DHB, please contact the People and Capability team at

You can also access max. - People and Capability Service Portal for People and Capability services and information.

Note: To access max. - People and Capability Service Portal you will need:

  1. Your CDHB username
  2. Your password 

Canterbury DHB staff can log IT issues and requests such as unlocking your user account on the iSupport Service Desk Portal
Note: you will need your CDHB Username  and Password to log in.

Contact CDHB IT Support

Canterbury DHB staff can also log urgent IT issues and requests by calling or emailing the IT Service Desk.

Phone: 03 364 0999
Website Portal: iSupport Service Desk Portal

Help guides for CDHB staff to remote access Canterbury DHB applications:

Remote access using Citrix (PDF, 400KB)

Remote access using VDI (PDF, 800KB)

About remote access

Staff can remotely access and use some clinical software from home or another location outside of the CDHB computer network by using VDI – Virtual Desktop Infrastructure or MobilePass/Citrix. When you use VDI or Citrix (available on request from ISG) you have access to a virtual PC with work software available such as:

  • HCS 
  • MedChart
  • Hospital HealthPathways
  • MS Office
  • MS Outlook
  • and more…

Requests for remote access

Staff who do not have VDI or MobilePass/Citrix tokens can request a remote access token by contacting ISG service desk.

IT Service Desk

Phone: 03 364 0999
Website Portal:
iSupport Service Desk Portal

Staff can access the healthLearn online education platform at

Note: you will need a healthlearn Username and Password to log in.

Canterbury DHB staff benefits such as the Something for you programme are NOT LISTED on this public website.

Staff benefits in the Something for you programme can currently only be viewed on our internal website by:

  1. Using a CDHB computer inside the CDHB computer network, or
  2. Using VDI / MOBILEPASS or a Citrix Token to log into the CDHB network 
  3. Only once you have logged in you can view Something for you offers on the intranet (i.e. this link will not work if you are not logged in and are outside of the CDHB network).

Note: MOBILEPASS and Citrix Tokens to enable external access for staff can be requested from ISG Service Desk.

​HealthPathways are the main source of assessment, management and referral information about Canterbury health services for general practice teams and other community healthcare providers. Please note: Full access to HealthPathways information is only available to health professionals.

To access Community HealthPathways

Go to

HealthPathways contact details

For queries about HealthPathways, please call the HealthPathways Coordinator.

Phone: 03 364 4179

The Canterbury DHB CEO Update can be read in the Health News section of this website.

Some Canterbury DHB (CDHB) policies are published on they are useful for staff who do not work on-site at hospitals.

The majority of internal policies are stored on the CDHB intranet called PRISM (a private internal website).
PRISM - the CDHB intranet, is only available to staff who are working inside the CDHB computer network, or by logging into the CDHB network using a MOBILEPASS or Citrix Token provided by ISG.

From October 2018 staff policies and CDHB educational information are not listed on this website, and have moved to the CDHB education website This includes:


Health providers can request to have access to Health Connect South (HCS) so they can perform their clinical duties, e.g. radiology reporting etc.

To apply for access to use Health Connect South (HCS)

  • Download, read, print, complete and sign the appropriate HCS application forms.
  • Once completed and signed, the forms need to be scanned and emailed to with the subject line “HCS access request“.

Application form for individuals 

Access to HCS and associated databases e.g. eclair, including limited access to Healthone, e.g. Medications (Word DOC, 50KB)

Application form for organisations

General conditions for access to HCS (Word DOC, 80KB)

All applicants need to complete an individual form PLUS for their organisation to complete the general conditions form. If you do not belong to an organisation then you still need a completed “general conditions” form which you can complete yourself.

Page last updated: 24 November 2020

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