Hospital visitors don’t need a Vaccine Pass, but must wear a surgical/medical paper mask. Fabric face coverings are no longer acceptable. See our COVID-19 pages for visiting guidelines, COVID-19 tests current case numbers in regions of Canterbury and care in the community advice. See for info about vaccinations.

We are at ORANGE according to the NZ COVID-19 Protection Framework

Last updated:
19 April 2022

For visitors to all facilities effective from Tuesday 19 April 2022

With the change to the ORANGE Traffic Light setting, Canterbury DHB is easing its visitor policy in recognition of the fact we have passed the peak of the current Omicron outbreak and case numbers are slowly reducing.

The following visitor restrictions are now in place for all Canterbury DHB hospitals and health facilities:

  • One adult visitor may be accompanied by no more than one child over the age of 12 per patient in the hospital at any given time, except where stated otherwise in the ‘exceptions’ section below.  No children under 12 and those 12 and over must be accompanied by an adult and wear a medical mask.
  • Visitors or support people should not visit our facilities if they are unwell.
  • Surgical/medical masks must be worn at all times at all Canterbury DHB sites and will be provided if people don’t have them.
  • Hand sanitiser stations are visible and must be used.

By adhering to these conditions, you help keep our patients, staff, other visitors and yourself safe. We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding as our staff work hard to protect and care for some of the most vulnerable in our community.

Exceptions to the ‘one visitor’ policy

  • Exceptions can apply in some circumstances (ie more than one visitor) where a trusted whānau member provides assistance, reassurance and other support for therapeutic care or on compassionate grounds – please talk to the ward’s Charge Nurse to discuss this before you come to hospital to visit. For whānau with an essential support role as a Partner in Care – please check with the ward’s Charge Nurse before you come to hospital to visit
  • People attending Christchurch ED or Ashburton AAU can have one support person with them
  • Women in labour and in the birthing suite can have two support people, and women on the Maternity Ward are allowed one support person for the duration of their stay in our facilities at Christchurch Womens Hospital and other maternity units. Only one support person can be with each woman in the maternity ward, and one support person for maternity clinic appointments, no children are allowed to visit.
  • Parents/caregivers can be with their baby in NICU.
  • Parents/caregivers are able to be with their child in hospital (Except Children’s Haematology and Oncology Day patients where only one parent or caregiver is permitted, following a supervised negative RAT result)
  • Children who are inpatients, one other visitor (other than a parent or caregiver) is able to visit in consultation with the nurse in charge.
  • People requiring support when attending an appointment can have one support person. Please let the relevant service know if you need this so they are able to accommodate your request.

Exceptions for people with disabilities

An exception will be made for people with disabilities who are in hospital or have to attend an outpatient appointment – where they need a support person to access health services. For example, a sign language interpreter, support person for someone with a learning disability, or someone to assist with mobility. The support person is in addition to the one permitted visitor.

Face covering exemption cards

The Exemptions Team at the Ministry of Health is now responsible for processing requests for Face Covering Communication Cards.

Updated information about mask wearing, and how to request an exemption card can now be found here. People unable to request an exemption card online can call 0800 28 29 26 and select option 2, or text 8988

Patients and visitors should also read the additional more detailed visiting guidelines for each specific hospital.

More COVID-19 information

Information and services for CDHB staff

Quick access to:

CDHB Emailmax.Password ResetIT Service DeskJob SearchhealthLearn EDU CDHB PoliciesHealthPathwaysPDRPPDUNetP

Canterbury DHB staff can access many internal resources from this page, see the information below for more advice about accessing staff services. 

Canterbury DHB staff can access email from outside of the CDHB computer network at

Note: Email is protected by two factor authentication, to log into your email you will need:

  1. Your CDHB username
  2. Your password
  3. A MobilePASS or a Citrix Token (note: a mobilepass/token number does not need to be entered if logging in from a 'trusted' computer network)

Read the following guides about setting up and accessing email

External access to CDHB staff email (500KB, PDF) 

Setup or Modify CDHB Mail Account on Android or iPhone (300KB, PDF)

For more information contact ISG Service Desk

Phone: 03 364 0999
Service hours: 7am-7pm, Monday to Sunday. After hours on-call support for urgent assistance only.
Website Portal: iSupport Service Desk Portal

Max. is a self-service portal that allows you to complete HR processes online, such as booking leave, and accessing your payslips.

If you are a staff member and have an enquiry related to max. or employment at Canterbury DHB, please contact the People and Capability team at

You can also access max. - People and Capability Service Portal for People and Capability services and information.

Note: To access max. - People and Capability Service Portal you will need:

  1. Your CDHB username
  2. Your password 

Canterbury DHB staff can log IT issues and requests such as unlocking your user account on the iSupport Service Desk Portal
Note: you will need your CDHB Username  and Password to log in.

Contact CDHB IT Support

Canterbury DHB staff can also log urgent IT issues and requests by calling or emailing the IT Service Desk.

Phone: 03 364 0999
Service hours: 7am-7pm, Monday to Sunday. After hours on-call support for urgent assistance only.
Website Portal: iSupport Service Desk Portal

Help guides for CDHB staff to remote access Canterbury DHB applications:

Remote access using Citrix (PDF, 400KB)

Remote access using VDI (PDF, 800KB)

About remote access

Staff can remotely access and use some clinical software from home or another location outside of the CDHB computer network by using VDI – Virtual Desktop Infrastructure or MobilePass/Citrix. When you use VDI or Citrix (available on request from ISG) you have access to a virtual PC with work software available such as:

  • HCS 
  • MedChart
  • Hospital HealthPathways
  • MS Office
  • MS Outlook
  • and more…

Requests for remote access

Staff who do not have VDI or MobilePass/Citrix tokens can request a remote access token by contacting ISG service desk.

IT Service Desk

Phone: 03 364 0999
Website Portal:
iSupport Service Desk Portal

The CDHB Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) tool provides CDHB staff with the ability to change/reset their CDHB password, or unlock their account.
CDHB/WCDHB staff can reset their CDHB network account without involving an administrator or calling the ISG Service Desk. Steps are simple and can be done from a mobile phone, or any PC connected with the Internet.

Reset your CDHB Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR)

To reset your CDHB password go to: (instructions are below)

Register to use Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR)

  • All users must pre-register to be able to reset your password. If you have not registered, you can sign up using our registration form (instructions are below)
  • Registering for self-service password reset is currently a one-time only requirement and can take up to 10 minutes. We recommend registering on a PC/mobile phone within CDHB network.
  • You can register with any one of the following options:
    • Phone number (company, personal, landline, mobile etc)
    • Security questions (3 security questions)

Password Self Service Help/Instructions

Instructions for both registering and resetting your password using CDHB Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) are below.

How to change your password using Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) (PDF, 400KB)

How to register for Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) (PDF, 400KB)

Staff can access the healthLearn online education platform at

Note: you will need a healthlearn Username and Password to log in.

Canterbury DHB staff benefits such as the Something for you programme are NOT LISTED on this public website.

Staff benefits in the Something for you programme can currently only be viewed on our internal website by:

  1. Using a CDHB computer inside the CDHB computer network, or
  2. Using VDI / MOBILEPASS or a Citrix Token to log into the CDHB network 
  3. Only once you have logged in you can view Something for you offers on the intranet (i.e. this link will not work if you are not logged in and are outside of the CDHB network).

Note: MOBILEPASS and Citrix Tokens to enable external access for staff can be requested from ISG Service Desk.

​HealthPathways are the main source of assessment, management and referral information about Canterbury health services for general practice teams and other community healthcare providers. Please note: Full access to HealthPathways information is only available to health professionals.

To access Community HealthPathways

Go to

HealthPathways contact details

For queries about HealthPathways, please call the HealthPathways Coordinator.

Phone: 03 364 4179

The Canterbury DHB CEO Update can be read in the Health News section of this website.

Some Canterbury DHB (CDHB) policies are published on they are useful for staff who do not work on-site at hospitals.

The majority of internal policies are stored on the CDHB intranet called PRISM (a private internal website).
PRISM - the CDHB intranet, is only available to staff who are working inside the CDHB computer network, or by logging into the CDHB network using a MOBILEPASS or Citrix Token provided by ISG.

From October 2018 staff policies and CDHB educational information are not listed on this website, and have moved to the CDHB education website This includes:


Health providers can request to have access to Health Connect South (HCS) so they can perform their clinical duties, e.g. radiology reporting etc.

To apply for access to use Health Connect South (HCS)

  • Download, read, print, complete and sign the appropriate HCS application forms.
  • Once completed and signed, the forms need to be scanned and emailed to with the subject line “HCS access request“.

Application form for individuals 

Access to HCS and associated databases e.g. eclair, including limited access to Healthone, e.g. Medications (Word DOC, 50KB)

Application form for organisations

General conditions for access to HCS (Word DOC, 80KB)

All applicants need to complete an individual form PLUS for their organisation to complete the general conditions form. If you do not belong to an organisation then you still need a completed “general conditions” form which you can complete yourself.

Information about the process of ordering and returning CDHB uniforms can be read in the documents below.

CDHB Staff Uniform Ordering Process (50KB, PDF)

CDHB Staff Uniform Returns Process (100KB, PDF)


Frequently Asked Questions about staff uniforms

Please read FAQs about CDHB staff uniforms below, or if you have a question about uniforms that is not answered please email us.

What happens if the uniform does not fit?

Email us with your purchase order number and the details as to what size you think the uniform should be.​

How do I return a used uniform?

  • Package clean uniforms in a carton
  • Label and sent to: UNIFORMS, C/O Environmental Services, Christchurch Hospital, LGF, Parkside East,

Who do I contact if I require a uniform urgently?

If you have ordered a uniform, and it has not arrived, and you need a uniform urgently, we have a small supply of new uniforms, but not all sizes. P​lease call the Service Manager, Back of House ext 66882 or 03 3377 882

What happens if my uniform has a fault?

  • Attach a copy of the order form and order number.
  • Write a clear description of the problem.
  • Send it to: Service Manager, Back of House, Level 3, 32 Oxford Terrace, Christchurch

What happens to my uniforms when I leave CDHB?

  • Clean and package your uniforms in a carton.
  • Send to: UNIFORMS, C/O Environmental Services, Christchurch Hospital, LGF, Parkside East

When is the Uniform Shop open for fittings?

Fashion Uniforms Fitting Service, 7b Pilgrim Place, Christchurch
Open hours: Tues and Wed 10am - 4pm

Page last updated: 22 April 2022

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