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Information for health professionals has moved!

Note: Staff policies and educational materials are not on this website, from 23 October 2018 please go to This includes PDRP, PDU, NetP, DEU, CSU, HealthLearn, HealthPathways and other information for health professionals. Some policies are published on majority of CDHB policies are in the CDHB intranet.

Canterbury DHB staff can access internal resources such as CDHB web mail / email, IT, HR and healthLearn systems from these pages. The Canterbury DHB CEO Update can be read in Health News.

Canterbury DHB staff can access email from outside of the CDHB computer network at

Note: Email is protected by two factor authentication, to log into your email you will need:

  1. A MobilePASS or a Citrix Token 
  2. Your CDHB user ID 
  3. Your password 

For more information contact ISG Service Desk or read the guide about External access to CDHB staff email

Phone: 03 364 0999
Website Portal:

If you are a staff member and have an enquiry related to employment at Canterbury DHB, please contact the People and Capability team at

You can also access Max – People and Capability Service Portal for People and Capability services and information.

Note: To access Max – People and Capability Service Portal you will need:

  1. Your CDHB user ID 
  2. Your password 

Canterbury DHB staff can log IT issues and requests on the CDHB Service Desk Portal (Cherwell)

Note: you will need your CDHB User ID and Password to log in.

Staff can access the healthLearn online education platform at

Note: you will need a healthlearn Username and Password to log in.

Page last updated: 3 December 2018

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