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Pain Management

The Burwood Pain Management Centre was established in February 1988. We provide an interdisciplinary approach that is tailored to meet the complex needs of individuals with chronic pain. Our aim is to restore functional ability and enable individuals to live as independently as possible despite their pain. Pain Management involves learning different ways of thinking and acting so that pain interferes less with life.

A self-management approach requires an individual to play an active role in their pain management and emphasises an improvement in quality of life and function, rather than a cure. Our Pain Management Centre team encompasses a wide range of health disciplines with extensive experience and knowledge in pain control methods, pain management strategies and programmes.

Our key objectives include:

  • To improve understanding of chronic pain
  • To maximise individual functioning and enhance quality of life
  • To reduce distress
  • To promote self-management to increase personal skills and productive activity
  • To reduce reliance on the use of medication and health care providers

Comments from past patients

"This centre is awesome. I feel so much better having understanding, explanations and treatment. I found it all to be so thorough, covering every aspect of my injury and pain. A grateful thank you. Staff have all been great."

"All staff very polite, sensitive and professional."

"Just wanted to say that the staff here are wonderful and put me totally at ease. They were professional but very friendly and polite. Thank you."

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Page last updated: 9 June 2021

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