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Christchurch Hospital’s main entrance closed

Friday 5 February 2016Media release2 minutes to read

Christchurch Hospital's main entrance and drop-off zone is closed until further notice because of the potential risk of further panes of glass falling from the canopy as occurred earlier today.

One pane of glass shattered and fell from the canopy without warning earlier this afternoon. No one was injured as the safety glass shattered into small pieces, rather than sharp shards.

The main entrance for the public is now via Christchurch Women's Hospital.

David Meates, Canterbury DHB Chief Executive, says it's unknown what caused the pane of glass to shatter and fall but until the DHB can guarantee it won't happen again, Christchurch Hospital's main entrance and covered drop-off zone area will remain closed.

“We apologise for any inconvenience but we hope to have a large container put in place over the weekend underneath the canopy so we can reopen the entrance to pedestrians as soon as possible,” Mr Meates says.

“Security staff will be available over the weekend to help people find their way.”

Mr Meates says the DHB is looking into what might have caused the pane of glass to shatter and will keep the public updated when the alternative ‘container' entrance is open for use.


Caption: (pic 1&2) Christchurch Hospital Maintenance Team inspecting the shattered glass pane in the canopy at Christchurch Hospital's Main Entrance; (pic 3) Drop off zone closed at Christchurch Hospital's main entrance





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