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Don’t visit your loved ones in hospital if you’re sick

Thursday 28 July 2016Media release2 minutes to read

Don’t visit your loved ones in hospital if you’re sick with a cold or virus

If you’re sick please don’t come visiting at Christchurch Hospital – that’s the message from Mary Gordon, Canterbury DHB’s Executive Director of Nursing.

“My plea to the public, is if you’re sick with a cold or virus, please stay home,” Mary says.

“Many of our patients are frail older people, and many have more than one health condition, which is why it’s so important we provide a safe environment as possible.”

Mary says while family support of loved ones who are very unwell in hospital is always welcome, those visiting need to make sure they aren’t bringing any bugs with them to spread around.

“When people are very unwell and in shared rooms, having people visit who have a cold or virus puts everyone at risk,” she says.

“By keeping your bugs at home, helps us get your loved ones better sooner, so they can get home to you faster.”

Remember you can get carearoundtheclock by phoning your own general practice team.

“Unless it’s an emergency (when you should call 111), always make your general practice team your first call 24/7 when you or someone in your family is sick,” Mary says.

“Even after hours a nurse is available to give free health advice. Just phone your usual general practice number.”



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Page last updated: 19 December 2018

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