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Financial review on Canterbury DHB informs future direction

Thursday 22 December 2016Media release4 minutes to read

Statement from the Chair of Canterbury District Health Board, Murray Cleverley

The Minister of Health has today released the PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Report that provides advice and options for Canter​bury DHB to consider in dealing with its current financial position. This report and the statement from the Minister can be found on the Ministry of Health website and the New Zealand Government website​​

Canterbury DHB is a $1.4billion operation with a clear focus on providing a world class integrated health service so people in our community get the right care, at the right time, in the right place and by the right person. The Board is responsible for prioritising the available funding and delivering on the expectations of the Crown that have been clearly set out. The Board and management is very committed to working collaboratively and constructively to achieve the expectations and benchmarks, and to always be open to insights such as those provided in the PwC report.

The Board and management will be reflecting on the report over the coming weeks. It does provide some very sound options, and in general, doesn't raise any issues beyond what I had expected. It will be given serious consideration as the Board debates and investigates viable and realistic options for achieving the financial expectations of the Crown.

This report needs to be considered in the context of work being done on an overall prioritisation of the capital expenditure required in relation to the programme of works, and also on how Canterbury DHB meets service delivery targets in all areas of the organisation. It is very important to our communities that we are delivering all of services to meet the targets that have been set and sometimes that can be challenging. Canterbury DHB has to look at options and innovative solutions within the current financial framework. It is also why we will be looking at many options for engaging and communicating with our communities and stakeholders on these big issues.

Earlier this week I made a statement as Chair that is also relevant to this report and its content. In particular the following comments:

The focus for Canterbury DHB and for the health sector overall is on providing integrated care that has the patient at the core, and on keeping our communities healthy and helping people get the care and support they need at the right time, in the right place, and delivered by the right people. This also means looking at the facilities required and taking a long term view as well as the here and now. Both the Board and management needs to continue to be innovative in our thinking about how to make the very best use of the public dollars that we are responsible for as an organisation and entrusted with on behalf of our community. Canterbury DHB is recognised for some innovative thinking around models of care, the integration of services throughout the sector and community, the partnerships that have been formed and are continuing to be developed, and also for the way in which it has responded to the devastating and traumatic earthquakes that have affected each and every person in our communities. Personally as Chair, I am always looking for ways we can do better, show leadership and learn from others and from the lessons of the past.

In 2017, it is my continuing expectation that robust discussion will be encouraged, that there is an understanding that prioritisation is required in health, just as it is in other public sectors, and that the Board and management of Canterbury DHB will work in partnership with the Ministry of Health and the Crown as the funder, and with all communities so that we deliver a world class health service.

My focus as Chair is to encourage and expect an environment of professionalism, collaboration and constructive conversations for the benefit of our communities and stakeholders that we represent.

Murray Cleverley

Chair, Canterbury District Health Board


Note for media:

The Chair is unavailable for interviews this week and Canterbury DHB won't be making further comment on the PwC report beyond the above statement.


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