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Health warning lifted for Waipara River at the Boys’ Brigade site

Wednesday 24 November 2021Media release2 minutes to read

Health warning removed for algal bloom at Waiau River at Waiau Township Bridge

A health warning has been lifted for Waipara River at the Boys' Brigade site

Our Community and Public Health unit has lifted its health warning for Waipara River at Boys’ Brigade site

Canterbury Medical Officer of Health, Dr Cheryl Brunton, says the latest water testing results show faecal bacteria levels in the Waipara River at the Boys’ Brigade site are now below guideline values and the health warning has been removed.

“The water in the Waipara River at the Boys’ Brigade site is suitable for recreational use,” Dr Brunton says.

When a health warning is in place, water quality at affected sites is not considered suitable for recreational uses including swimming because of the risk to health from the bacteria and other pathogens.

Water contaminated by human or animal faecal bacteria may contain a range of disease-causing micro-organisms such as viruses, bacteria and protozoa. 

“In most cases the ill-health effects from exposure to contaminated water are minor and short-lived.

“However, there is the potential for more serious diseases, such as hepatitis A, giardia, cryptosporosis, campylobacter and salmonella,” Dr Brunton says.

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Page last updated: 24 November 2021

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