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Get help paying for residential care: Here’s how

People who require long-term supported accommodation due to an illness or a disability may be entitled to a subsidy.

The Ministry of Health has information on the Residential Care Subsidy, the Residential Support Subsidy, or the Top-Up Subsidy.

Residential Care Subsidy

This is available for people whose disabilities are age-related. It helps pay for long-term age-related care. People who are not financially eligible for the subsidy may be able to get a Residential Care Loan.

Top-Up Subsidy

If a person in age-related care has been declined or chooses not to apply for the Residential Care Subsidy, they will have to pay either the cost of contracted care services or the maximum contribution set by the facility’s territorial local authority. The Top-Up Subsidy will pay the more expensive of the two.

Residential Support Subsidy

This subsidy is for people with disabilities that are not age-related to help pay for support care.

Page last updated: 27 November 2018

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