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It’s time to go home from hospital. What now?

ACC has information about preparing to return home from hospital, including transport, making sure you have the right equipment, and organising people to help you at home if needed.

Your ACC support coordinator can help with the following things once you get home:

  • Financial assistance to pay for things
  • Finding people to help with your personal needs
  • Making changes to your house to make it easier to live in
  • Preparing to go back to work
  • Getting transport when you need to go out

Waiting for your ACC claim

If you came to hospital with an injury, staff may have filed an ACC claim for you. However Canterbury DHB does not manage ACC claims, and after you go home you should contact ACC for any information about your claim.

If you have serious problems with your injury including severe bleeding, heart issues, or complications with a head injury, call 111 or go to your nearest Emergency Department (ED).

If you are in pain or have other issues to do with your injury, talk to your usual General Practice (GP) team – even if your injury was first treated at ED or a Canterbury DHB facility.

Page last updated: 7 August 2020

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