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Youth Advisory Council (YAC)

YAC logo
The Canterbury DHB Youth Advisory Council (YAC) was formed in 2014 to provide a youth voice to the DHB’s health services and Canterbury health sector overall.

The council advocates for young people aged 12–24 years old within youth health services in Canterbury.

Our role

We work with the DHB and Canterbury health sector to:

  • Advocate for young people going through Canterbury’s Health System
  • Provide a youth perspective on Canterbury DHB youth health policies, projects and campaigns
  • Create youth health resources, including a talk series called YAC Yarns
  • Focus on improved quality in health care, patient satisfaction, and maintaining a youth-friendly environment
  • Work with young people transitioning from Paediatrics to Adult services
  • Run fundraising events
  • Create service of the month awards to recognise health professionals that are great at working with young people in Canterbury
  • Speak to young people about how they can advocate for their own health and to health professionals about how to work with young people

Current members

Youth advisory council members

Back from Left to Right: Kian, Nicola, Chelsea, Jasmine, Michaela, Jem, Isla, Paige, Ren, Lily Front from Left to Right: Luke, Shishi, Abigail, Hannah, Rebecca, Abi-Rose

List of Current Members:

  • Chelsea Skinner (Co-Chairperson)
  • Jasmine Irving (Co-Chairperson)
  • Abi-Rose Withers (Secretary)
  • Paige Sullivan (Treasurer)
  • Luke Alderton (Member)
  • Lily Calder (Member)
  • Shishi Huang (Member)
  • Isla Hindin (Member)
  • Evelyn Atlas (Member)
  • Michaela Sibbald (Member)
  • Jem Stevens (Member)
  • Rebecca Rickards (Member)
  • Kian Wolstencroft (Member)
  • Hannah Bernasconi (Member)
  • Abigail McDonald (Member)
  • Nicola Scott (Hospital Staff Representative)

Contact us

If you have any questions, suggestions, or advocacy concerns/recommendations, you can contact the Canterbury DHB Youth Council via email or social media.


Facebook: CDHB Youth Advisory Council

Instagram: @cdhbyac

Page last updated: 1 September 2021

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