Hospital visitors don’t need a Vaccine Pass, but do need to scan in, and wear a surgical/medical paper mask. Fabric face coverings are no longer acceptable. See our COVID-19 pages for visiting guidelines, COVID-19 tests and care in the community advice. See for info about vaccinations.

We are at RED according to the NZ COVID-19 Protection Framework

Last updated:
23 January 2022

The following visitor restrictions are in place for all Canterbury DHB hospitals and health facilities:

  1. All visitors need to scan in using the COVID-19 Tracer App or sign in on arrival and provide their contact details
  2. If you’re using the COVID-19 Tracer App, please ensure Bluetooth tracing is turned on
  3. All visitors must wear a surgical/medical mask. Fabric face coverings are no longer acceptable
  4. All visitors are expected to practice safe physical distancing. You should remain two metres away from people you don’t know
  5. Everyone, including visitors should practise good hand hygiene
  6. Visitors who are unwell should not be entering our facilities.

Patients and visitors should also read the additional more detailed visiting guidelines for each specific hospital.

More COVID-19 information:

Laboratory and hospital support services

Laboratory and hospital support services cover the provision of diagnostic services through Canterbury Health Laboratory and hospital support services such as: medical illustrations, specialist equipment maintenance, sterile supply, patient and staff food services, cleaning services and travel, transport, parking and waste contracts.

These services are largely provided for patients under the care of the Canterbury DHB however Canterbury Health Laboratory (CHL) also offer a testing service for GPs and private specialists and all public and private laboratories throughout NZ refer samples to CHL for more specialised testing. CHL is recognised as an international referral centre.

Page last updated: 12 February 2019

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