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Use of restraints

Official information request details

  1. Can you please provide data about the use of restraints in the Canterbury DHB for both Emergency and mental health services and identify the service associated with this data? In particular, can you provide minutes of meetings or other documents produced by or for the CDHB Restraint Approval and Monitoring Group from 2008 through 2018 that provide trends of the use of mechanical and physical restraints?
  2. In addition, can you provide information during the calendar year 2008 and during the calendar year 2018 on the use of personal and physical/mechanical restraints in the Canterbury DHB? By physical/mechanical restraints I mean using appliances such as straps, ties or handcuffs to immobilise patients and by personal restraints I mean use of body contact for the purpose of immobilisation. This data should be kept in a Restraint Register or in the Safety 1st Incident Management System.
  3. This data for 2008 and 2018 should specify the type of restraint used (e.g., wrist strap) and the length of time between start and finish of each individual mechanical/physical restraint. Obviously the presentation of this data should be anonymised for the protection of privacy.


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Page last updated: 15 July 2019

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