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Emergency Department

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First specialist assessments, emergency department presentations, and hospital capacity 2019-2020

For the period September 1 2019 to August 31 2020, a weekly breakdown of the following information:

  1. ED presentations
  2. Overall hospital capacity
  3. The overall number of referrals received for first specialist assessments for planned care, and the number of FSA that took place (clarified as Medical / surgical FSAs).


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Bias in the health system

Bias in the health system, relating to emergency department and mental health services.


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Pedestrians injured by e-scooters

The number of patients presenting at the Emergency Department (ED) or admitted to hospital who are injured by e-scooters.


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Number of patients with emergency dental issues

The number of people who presented to a hospital emergency department with dental issues between 2014 and 2019.


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Canterbury DHB Key Performance Indicator Data

All Canterbury DHB KPI data from July 2016 including any Inter-District Flow activity.


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Use of restraints

Please provide data about the use of restraints in the Canterbury DHB for both Emergency and mental health services and identify the service associated with this data.


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Presentations at ED for attempted suicide or suicidal thoughts

Number of people who presented at ED with attempted suicide or suicidal thoughts who were referred for a follow up from SMHS.


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Drug related visits to Emergency Department

Drug-related visits to A & E and admissions to Christchurch Hospital in the past ten years.


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People admitted to Emergency Department with clinical code for amphetamine

Number of people admitted to ED and given a clinical code related to amphetamine


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