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Crisis team

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Mental Health Staffing

  • What are the facilities hosting mental health ED like and are there any plans to improve them?
  • What is the total number of staff working in the mental health crisis team when it is fully resourced.
  • The number of staff working in the team currently?
  • How many people left the mental health crisis team this year? And over the last six years broken down by year?
  • How many staff from the mental health crisis team were assaulted this year, how many resulted in an ACC claim, and how long was each incident off work as a result? Same info for last year and year before if possible too.
  • What is the role of police in assisting the crisis mental health team if they are unable to manage a patient?


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Crisis Resolution Services in Canterbury

  • How many people are seen by Crisis Resolution Services each year in Canterbury?
  • Approximately how many calls does Crisis Resolution receive per year?
  • Approx. increases since 2018?


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Phone calls mental health crisis team

Number of phone calls to the mental health crisis team over past five years.


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Page last updated: 19 August 2021

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