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Multiple Sclerosis – Neurology staffing numbers and waiting times

Multiple sclerosis - staffing numbers and waiting times - April 2019 - end of March 2020


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Bias in the health system

Bias in the health system, relating to emergency department and mental health services.


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MRI/CT Scans Waitlist (February 2015)

As at February 2015 could you please supply the waiting list time if someone wanted to have a MRI/CT scan. (That is, if someone was referred for a scan how long was the wait time before they were seen?)


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Ophthalmology Services

Ophthalmology wait list, breakdown of how long these patients have been waiting. 


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Waitlist for for people accessing counselling

Current waitlist for people accessing counselling through a DHB funded primary health care or community provider i.e. Brief Intervention Counselling. Broken down into men, women, age.


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Waitlist for detox addiction services

Number of people who were put on a waitlist to access detox and rehab addiction services each year over past four years.


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