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Breast cancer, radiation therapy, and mepitel film

The number of women who received radiation therapy for the most recent full year. Number of women provided with fully funded Mepitel film. Number of women who were not recommended Mepitel film and who were given information about how to purchase from supplier.


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Current wait time regarding prostate cancer treatment

Current waiting time for: Referral from a GP for a prostate cancer initial consultation; for a follow up appointment for a prostate biopsy; for a post biopsy appointment to discuss results and treatment options and for a radical prostatectomy following the post biopsy appointment for persons with a confirmed prostate cancer diagnosis?


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Priority spending and cancer treatment

Priority Spending and cancer treatment. What is the DHB’s top ten priorities for spending in the 2019/2020 financial year, and in the past five financial years? Proportion of patients accepted for urgent diagnostic colonoscopy who received the procedure with 14 days. Proportion of patients who received their first treatment within 62 days of being referred with a high suspicion of cancer and a need to be seen within 2 weeks for each of the last five years.


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Prostate cancer wait times

Prostate Cancer: Current wait times: following referral from GP. Follow up appointment for prostate biopsy. Post biopsy appointment to discuss results. Radical prostatectomy following post biopsy appointment.


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Wait time for patients referred with suspicion of cancer.

Average wait time for patients referred with high suspicion of cancer.


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Schedule H budget spent on pharmaceuticals

Please provide information on Schedule H budget spent on pharmaceuticals 2015/16 and 2017/18


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Chemotherapy entitlement

How many rounds of chemotherapy is a patient entitled to under the DHB?


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Surgical waiting lists for various cancers

Surgical waiting lists for cancer and is Canterbury DHB meeting its FCT targets.


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