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Air Quality

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Yaldhurst Quarry

Yaldhurst quarries -follow up to request 10602: I would appreciate any report created by Dr. Pink at the time being provided, and fully understand and appreciate current circumstances make this most certainly a low priority.  If there is no report from him, and the only report in existence as a review / analysis of the monitoring being that by Mr. Fowles if I could be advised that is the case.


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Yaldhurst Quarry

Yaldhurst quarries - International peer review reports - personal monitoring of dust exposure and levels involving Yaldhurst residents in the vicinity of quarries.

Also see OIA request 10602(a)


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Templeton Quarry

All correspondence and reports about Fulton Hogan appealing the resource consent conditions of its quarry near Templeton in Canterbury


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Correspondence about quarrying dust

All communications with Environment Canterbury and Fulton Hogan concerning quarrying dust since September 2017.


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Quarry activities, quarry dust etc

Information since January 2014 in relation to Yaldhurst quarry activities.


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Yaldhurst air quality monitoring programme. December 2017-June 2018

Yaldhurst Air Quality Monitoring Programme conducted between December 2017 and June 2018.

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