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CEO Update – Monday 22 July 2019

Monday 22 July 2019CEO Update1 minute to read

In this edition of the CEO Update…

Chief Executive David Meates takes a look at the pressure on the Canterbury Health System as winter ailments continue to impact every part of the system, and shows how population growth and bed shortages are contributing to the pressure. He promotes the in-home care people can access so they can return to their homes sooner or avoid hospital altogether. He also praises the teams involved in responding to the explosion in Northwood last week.

This issue also promotes World Hepatitis Day on Sunday 28 July, explores the training unit helping to build capacity in Specialist Mental Health Services, shares a special donation of socks to Emergency Department patients, reports on a physician's experience working with world leaders at the Mayo Clinic, provides an update about research into the causes of anorexia, and much more.

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