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Renewing prescriptions

To renew a prescription, you usually need an appointment at your health clinic to review your health and check how your medicines are working for you.

Prescriptions for ongoing medicines usually cover 90 days of therapy.

Make an appointment to renew your prescription at least a week or two before you have taken all your medicines. You can ask your pharmacist for reminders and other services to help you manage your prescriptions and medicines.

Your usual healthcare team are the best people to help manage your health, even when you have had surgery or seen a specialist. Ask your GP, pharmacist or practice nurse if you have any concerns or questions about your medicines or ongoing health.

Can I renew prescriptions without an appointment?

Your doctor, prescribing nurse or prescribing pharmacist may sometimes agree to renew your regular prescription without an appointment. Call your GP team to ask if this is possible for you – it is up to the health professional to make this decision, and they will explain their reasons to you.

Most practices charge for this service.

Read more about pharmacists and managing medicines on Healthinfo.

Page last updated: 12 December 2018

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