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Canterbury Health System Quality Accounts 2019

WellNow Canterbury is our community health magazine which goes to every Canterbury mailbox twice a year. This spring edition doubles as the Canterbury Health System’s Quality Accounts, to provide a picture of how well our Health System is meeting Canterbury’s health needs, and showcase our work to improve services and standards of care.

This online-only version features a How we measure up section, charting our performance against the National Health Targets, and quality and safety markers as set by the Health Quality & Safety Commission, as well as other key measures.

You can read the full online magazine in two different formats:

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How we measure up

Canterbury DHB strives to ensure our services are safe, integrated, focused on evidence-based best practice, and are responsive to consumer needs. This section aims to provide readers with a picture of how well our Health System is meeting Canterbury’s health needs.

Improving system performance through the System Level Measures

The System Level Measures are one of the national outcomes frameworks developed to recognise and strengthen integration across the health system and measure system performance.

How we’ve performed over the past year

How did we perform with System Level Measure targets.

Your Experience Matters to Us – National Patient Experience Survey

The Patient Experience Survey is a large, national survey that asks for feedback from patients 15 years and older who recently spent time as inpatients in our hospitals, or visited their General Practice team. One of the System Level Measures where the Canterbury Health System is measured on its performance relates to the patient experience of care.

Quality and Safety Markers

Health Quality and Safety Markers are designed to track progress to help us improve healthcare and reduce patient harm. Areas of work include reduction of falls and surgical site infections, improved hand hygiene, safe surgery, medication reconciliation and improving recognition of the deteriorating patient.

Improving your experience of the health system

Hearing from people who use Canterbury DHB’s health and disability services (consumers) helps us improve the quality of our health system.


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Page last updated: 6 November 2019

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