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Communications and Public Relations Staff

Response to official information request

  1. How many comms / PR staff did you employ (FTE) for the years ending June 30 2014 and 2019?
  2. How many comms / PR people did you employ (FTE) on contract for the years ending June 30 2014 and 2019?
  3. How much was your comms/PR budget for the years ending June 30 2014 and 2019?
  4. What proportion of the comms/PR budget was spent on outside comms/PR consultants or contractors?
  5. How many media enquiries did you receive for the years ending June 2014 and 2019?
  6. What is your target turnaround time for media enquiries?
  7. How often did you meet the target response time last year?
  8. What proportion of time did your comms/PR team spend on responding to media enquiries last year?
  9. How many live (in person or by phone) media interviews did your chief executive do last year?
  10. If you have a policy or guidelines on how comms/PR staff should respond to media enquiries, please provide a copy.
  11. How many of your current comms/PR employees are former journalists?
  12. What is the range of salaries paid to your comms/PR staff from lowest to highest?


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Page last updated: 13 September 2019

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