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transmasculine chest reconstruction surgery

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Transmasculine surgery

All information and documentation regarding the decision to select patients for transmasculine chest reconstruction surgery from the GP referral pool via a number randomisation technique.



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Transmasculine surgery

Transmasculine chest surgery - follow up to response to CDHB 10555.

  • For transmasculine chest surgery (mastectomy) it was decided in 2019 to provide surgery for five transgender cases per annum.
  • What was the previous number?
  • Why are only five surgeries performed per annum?
  • Are there any plans/policies in place to increase this number to meet the growing demand for gender affirming surgeries?


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Transmasculine surgery

  • The average time between acceptance onto the wait list and first appointment for patients referred to and accepted onto the waitlist for transmasculine chest reconstruction (top surgery).
  • The number of publicly funded transmasculine chest reconstruction surgery completed in the last year.
  • How patients are selected from the waitlist for transmasculine chest reconstruction surgery, and how often, i.e. if done by lottery how often is the lottery drawn.
  • The number of referrals for transmasculine chest reconstruction in the last year, and how many were accepted and how many declined.


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