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Health and Disability Commissioner

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HDC complaints regarding surgical equipment

Number of formal complaints about surgical equipment mistakenly being left behind in patients in the last three years, which went to the Health and Disability Commissioner or resulted in a review of hospital policy.


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HDC Complaints

Information regarding the number of Health and Disability Commissioner HDC complaints which resulted in disciplinary action or resulted in a review of hospital policy at Canterbury Coast District Health Board in the last three years.

Broken down by year, what complaint was about, where it happened, and if and how it was resolved.


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Patient complaints to DHB HDC

Patient complaints made to DHB about care a patient has received (service and employees) in last five years. Complaints upheld or disciplinary action or corrective measures taken. Complaints resulting in DHB being found in breach of the Code of Patient rights? How many PGs were taken against the DHB? How much was paid out to staff who took PGS.


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Page last updated: 3 February 2021

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