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Mosque shootings in March 2019

Response to official information request

  1. Was Christchurch Hospital subject to a lock down on 15 March 2019?
  2. How long was the hospital in lockdown?
  3. How did lockdown affect hospital operations?
  4. Were visitors (including staff) to the hospital declined access during this time?
  5. Were any other Canterbury DHB premises closed or subject to lockdown during this time?
  6. How many patients were treated for injuries related to the mosque shootings on 15 March 2019?
  7. How many hours of surgery time were spent treating people injured in the Christchurch mosque shootings?
  8. How have the mosque shootings impacted on hospital resourcing and wait lists - has there been an increase in waiting times for patients with conditions/ treatments/ operations unrelated to the mosque shootings?
  9. Has the hospital or DHB received any complaints about increased waiting times as a result of the mosque shootings?
  10. Have any DHB employees required counselling or treatment as a result of their dealings with people injured in the mosque shootings?


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Page last updated: 20 August 2019

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