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St George’s Maternity Centre

St. George’s maternity centre is located within the St. George’s Hospital and is located approximately 12 minutes’ drive from Christchurch Women’s Hospital and provides primary birthing care and postnatal maternity services. In collaboration with your Lead Maternity Carer, St. George’s can offer you 24 hour, safe, flexible and supportive midwifery care during, and / or after, the birth of your baby.

Pregnancy and birth are normal physiological processes for the majority of women. If you have no complications detected, the option of birthing at a primary unit should be offered and encouraged. By choosing to birth at a primary facility, you are more likely to have a normal birth and less likely to need interventions. Most women who choose to birth at St. George’s do so, but occasionally a transfer to tertiary services at Christchurch Women’s Hospital is necessary. St. George’s Hospital is fully equipped for childbirth, and the midwives are regularly trained to deal with emergencies.

Primary Birthing Units provide a relaxed homelike environment enabling uninterrupted birth and adjustment to parenthood, with time to support you during breastfeeding.

For more information about St. George’s maternity centre please visit the St George's Hospital website.

Page last updated: 17 January 2019

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