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Māori Non-Māori Mental Health Services

  • How many non-Māori are currently on a waitlist for psychological intervention with a psychologist?
  • Māori specific MH - Criteria for acceptance into service?
  • Number of referrals 2019/20 FY?
  • Referrals for each service / diagnosis?
  • Referrals accepted in absence of psychiatric diagnosis?
  • Referral declined and reasons?


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Elective surgery for Māori patients

Does the Board have a policy to prioritise Māori and/or Pasifika patients on elective surgery waiting lists? Pressures of deferred surgery due to COVID-19?


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COVID-19 related hospitalisation and mortality rates for Māori, Non-Māori, Māori and non-Māori with lived experience of disability.

Covid-19 hospitalisation and mortality numbers by Māori, Non-Māori, Māori with lived experience of disability and non-Māori with lived experience of disability.


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Canterbury Maternity Strategy 2019

The Canterbury Maternity Strategy, also known as the Canterbury Maternity System Strategic Framework 2019-2024 puts māmā and pēpi at the centre of what we do and what we want to achieve.

The vision statement within the strategy states that Canterbury maternity services provide for the maternity needs of all māmā and whānau as and when needed during their maternity journey in order to enable the best start to life for all pēpi and the ongoing wellbeing of mothers. The strategy also contains statements about our values and provides details about the framework to be used by Canterbury maternity services.



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Māori colonoscopy

The percentages of Māori who have had a colonoscopy in the past year as compared with the percentage of Māori in local population.


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Māori health providers

Maori health providers currently being funded, services provided and annual funding 2012/13-2017/18.


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Waitangi Tribunal Research Report about disabled Māori

Request for information regarding the Waitangi Tribunal Research Report on disabled Māori.


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Policies and procedures related to hiring Maori staff for all public health units

Policies and procedures related to hiring Maori staff for all public health units. Quota for Maori staff etc


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HQSC suicide data 2016-2017 subgroup patients aged 15-24 at time of death

HQSC data released indicating that Canterbury DHB had 26 suspected suicides for the 2016/2017 year.


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